Light red wines can take the chill out of the mellowing sunshine

light red wines review

I’m on my holidays and the rain is clattering on the roof of my boltaway caravan like a pea-shooter firing at a tin can.

It’s a challenge as my theme this week is light red wines to enjoy in the mellowing  sunshine.

I’ve persevered valiantly and here’s a handful I’ve tasted with the rain as background percussion. I suggest you serve slightly chilled. The wines I mean. Not you.

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How long can you keep wine once the bottle is opened?

how long can wine stay open

How long can you keep wine once that much-needed bottle is uncorked? Sadly, nothing lasts forever, not even my crush on Harrison Ford.

In my ramblings last time I suggested you should finish a bottle of amontillado sherry within seven days of opening; a couple of days later a friend asked me how long she could keep an opened bottle of wine.

This isn’t a dilemma I usually have. I raised an eyebrow (and a glass).

Once wine is opened it immediately starts to interact with the air and its flavours and aromas change. If you have wine that smells of vinegar, it’s not worth drinking. In fact the word vinegar stems from the French, vinaigre which means “sour wine”.

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