Charity fizz night: Why we’re raising cash to target ovarian cancer

We’re holding a charity fizz night in Maghull on August 24. That’s nice, you might be thinking. Don’t just disappear just yet … keep thinking

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Isle of Harris Gin

Isle of Harris Gin: A people’s gin with an island’s economy at its heart

  I had a smashing chat with Rachel MacDonald, the brand ambassador for Isle of Harris Gin and discovered a fascinating story and a very

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MacMurray Wines: The California wine legacy of a Hollywood star

This is the story of a famous Hollywood star,  Fred MacMurray, his daughter, some gorgeous wines from a stunningly beautiful region and one of the

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Co-op Argentine Malbec San Juan: A red wine with the chillax factor

I’ve been trying to get my act together as I head towards some massive wine exams in about three weeks’ time.  I have loads of

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World Whisky Day Photo by Quiony Navarro on Unsplash

World Whisky Day: Here’s five ideas if you want to join the celebrations

You can’t beat a reason to celebrate something, and here I’m bringing you a celebration of whisky. On Saturday May 18, it is World Whisky

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Hedgepig gin supports hedgehogs. Photo by Piotr Łaskawski on Unsplash

Hedgepig: A gin liqueur which is supporting the preservation of British hedgehogs

I took the dog to the vets today, and while we were there, two separate people brought in shoeboxes.  A hedgehog, they said to the

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Wine Doors of Florence: Photographer Andrew Barrow traces city’s medieval life

An award-winning photographer and wine enthusiast has combined his two passions to capture the overlooked signatures of medieval life hidden across one of Italy’s most

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Asti DOCG landscape -picture from Asti consortium

Asti DOCG: Discover the incredible story behind these Italian sparkling wines

I have a new favourite sparkling wine style and as a bonus it is also adding sparkle to my culinary creations.  I’m talking about the

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gin and tonic gin reviews

Gin reviews: Here’s eight gins to pour with a clunk of ice (but not all at once)

I thoroughly enjoy the chemistry between a gin and a tonic and I bet you do too. Here’s some gins that get a tick from

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