Wine Events

The natural step from writing about wine was to branch out and run informal (or formal, if you want them) wine events across Liverpool, Merseyside, Sefton and Lancashire.

I really love wine and consequently I want everyone to love wine.  It’s hugely important to me that everyone is as relaxed as posible. I pride myself that my events aren’t geeky, and above all we always have a giggle.

I once won a stand-up comedy night for goodness sake!! 

Group events

Probably the best thing about drinking and enjoying wine is drinking and enjoying wine with your friends and family.  For that reason, One Foot in the Grapes can tailor bespoke wine events to help you all learn, enjoy, and have a lovely time all together.

The venues for these events can be agreed during the booking process. One Foot in the Grapes can source a venue or work with your own suggestions.  If you’d prefer, Jane Clare can discuss holding a wine event in your own home.  

Please feel free to browse your way through the recommended formats. Then get in touch with Jane to discuss further and plan the next steps.

You may have an idea of your own … let’s go for it!

Examples of group events

We’re living in unprecedented times.  Due to the current lockdown we will not be running any events until further notice.  Below, however, is a selection of previous events that we’re sure will be back by popular demand, with a fresh set of dates, as soon as we’re allowed out again!

The Fizzics Test
Prosecco is the in-thing, there’s no doubt about it. BUT do you know how to spot a better style of Prosecco when you see it? DID YOU KNOW Cava and Crémant are made in the same way as Champagne? DO YOU UNDERSTAND the difference between a vintage fizz and a non-vintage fizz – or how to spot on a label which wines are dry, which are sweet? Shall we find out?!
Supermarket Peep
A jolly jaunt tasting through six of Jane's favourite supermarket wines on the shelves right now. Jane will choose two fizzes, a white, a pink and a red wine, rounding off proceedings with an award-winning dessert wine. The wines – all in the shops for £10 or under – will be among the seasonally-best choices at the time of the event. They’re good for your pocket too.
Football Widows' Fizz Club
This is a totally flexible event. We're based in the best football region of the UK (come on Burnley!), but maybe you’re a golf widow, a beer widow or a fishing widow...or widower!! This a quick and easy tasting of four glasses of fizz so you can spend your time doing what YOU want to do with your friends, while others in your life enjoy THEIR hobby. Happy days all around!
Shake Up Your Senses
It’s really easy to keep on buying the same red wine or the same white wine … but don’t be a slave to what you know. I’ll encourage you to pour new flavours into your wine glass. We can have a chat about your Wine Personality and decide if you’d prefer a red or white event; and then One Foot in the Grapes will create a tasting experience of five glasses of wine from around the world.
Call My Bluff
If you have pals or workmates who fancy a bit of a challenge then Call My Bluff is for you. One Foot in the Grapes will provide five mystery wines and each will have three descriptions. Can you guess which is the correct one? You’ll divide into teams and the winners will share a bottle of fizz...and the all important bragging rights.
Hen Parties
One Foot in the Grapes’ wine tasting events are suitable for hen nights, girls’ nights in, or even girls' nights out!! But all with a difference. We can and will plan something special around what YOU fancy doing and tasting. Get in touch for further details, and if you really insist, I might join in on the fancy dress!

Ticket sales are per person, and usually range between £20-£25 including all your wine for the tasting event.  To register your interest, please get in touch with Jane directly using the link below.

Corporate events

Jane Clare has worked in the corporate world and knows how important team and client relationship building is to keep your business moving forward.

One Foot in the Grapes can offer your business or corporate event a bespoke service. A wine tasting is a good way to break the ice at a networking event, can round off a staff away day, or is a thank-you to clients for their support.

Private tastings

Fancy a One Foot In The Grapes event all of your own?  Well if you’re in the Merseyside or Lancashire region I can come to your home, or even your local pub.  We can work on ideas to make your wine event exactly what you want it to be.

These events can be as little as £20 a head, depending on your requirements.  Get in touch using the contact form below and we can chat about what you’d like and I can base prices around what you need.

Charity events

A wine tasting makes for a fun choice as a fund-raising event.  Jane Clare has done whacky things for charity, such as a comedy stand-up night, walking over hot coals and parachuting out of a plane. Sadly, the sponsored “losing weight” hasn’t had any long-term effects.

Any of the event packages can be organised for charities or we can discuss bespoke ideas.

Jane has run wine events to raise money for animal rescue charities, mental health fund-raising and school PTAs.

One Foot in the Grapes  can offer reduced rates for registered charities and could offer wine-themed prizes for a charity raffle.

Contact Jane for a chat about how she can help you and your charity reach a fund-raising target.

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