Grape Varieties Basics

Blimey, there’s so many grape varieties in the world. Fat ones thin ones juicy ones black ones white ones early ripening ones late ripening ones big ones small ones sulky ones. So many.

How can I do justice to so many grape varieties in my little corner of the www.  world? Not sure I can, though I’ve given it a stab.

This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list (though it exhausted me pulling it together).  It’s not an expert guide, but it’s as good as you’re going to get with me I’m afraid. I’ve created my simple guide to grape varieties using my notes from my WSET exams and info I’ve picked up in the past few years or so.  I’ll keep updating.

Meantime, if you think there’s a grape variety missing and I should give it a mention, then please get in touch … it’s likely I won’t have forgotten it, I just won’t have remembered to put it here.

My not-so perfect guide to grape varieties

Click on any link below for a snippet of info about each of the grape varieties. You’ll also find a separate click-thru to wines I’ve reviewed made from those grape varieties.

white grapes in green, black grapes in black

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