I’m happy Majestic Wine drops six-bottle purchase rule

It’s good news (in my humble opinion) that Majestic has decided to drop its “buy six bottles”  minimum purchase strategy. Makes perfect sense to me.

Rowan Gormley, Majestic Wine’s CEO has announced the change after running trials in a handful of Majestic stores.

Browsing wines is one of my shopping  treats. Handbags? Occasionally.  Shoes? Sometimes. But wine? Always.

Majestic Wine logoThe six-bottle rule in Majestic has always been a blocker for my “on a whim” buys. Well, I am a girl. It left no room for people like me to pop in to a store, mooch, be tempted, and take a single  bottle home as an experiment to have with tea.  (Well, I’m a Northern girl.)

The six-bottle minimum purchase is fair enough if you know a wine, you know what you’re getting and you have the money for six bottles. Bulk deals, after all,  should be good deals.

Gormley says the aim of the new pricing is to make the shopping experience simpler and easier. That’ll be for me then.

He says: “Our customers were telling us that they wanted simpler, clearer pricing and an end to the six bottle minimum.

Majestic Wine Rowan Gormley
Rowan Gormley, CEO of Majestic Wine

“This new structure is part of our wider plan to reposition Majestic Wine to become the go-to destination for the best quality wines at the best prices.

“There are now no barriers to shopping at Majestic, the pricing structure is very straightforward and I’m sure our customers will see this as a great move.”

The changes take place from Tuesday, October 27, when there’ll be two prices  in store:

  • Single bottle price – the price you pay when you buy one bottle
  • Mix Six price – the price you pay when you buy any six bottles of wines or spirits

In Scotland, law prevents any alcohol promotion which offers people a discount for buying multiple products.  The Mix Six price (price for buying six bottles) in England and Wales will be the single bottle price in its 14 Scotland stores.

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