John Torode launches recipe collection with McGuigan Wines

My attempt at cooking John Torode's green curry barbecue chicken with matching Mcguigan wines
JOHN TORODE is now one of  this country’s most popular  celebrity chefs. Only last week he  launched his new cookery  programme Australia.
But he also comes from a part of  Australia which is the oldest  wine-making region on that vast  continent, the Hunter Valley.
So it should come as no surprise  that he has been  happy to pair up  with one of that region’s most   successful wineries, McGuigan Wines,  to create some tastebud-tantalising  food and wine matches.
McGuigan has consistently won  many awards. Winemaker Neil  McGuigan made history by being the  first person to be named world’s best  winemaker in three out of four years.
You will know I enjoy my scientific  wine and food experiments, so it was  too tempting  not to speak to Mr  Torode about food and,  specifically, wine.