Fizz Face-off: I compare Asda’s sparkling £5 Progrigio and a same price cava

cava fizz

If you’re a regular in Asda you might have noticed that the retailer has brought out a new sparkling wine to catch the attention of prosecco drinkers.

The sparkling wine world is increasingly popular in the UK but very crowded. Every time a butterfly flutters its wings, a new sparkling wine is born, each one trying to take a piece of that marketplace.

 Progrigio (£5, 11% abv) is Asda’s new sparkling wine and I’m told that it is “a unique wine that blends the effervescent versatility of the bestselling sparkling wine grape in the world, glera, and the classic full flavours and crisp acidity of the wine which has become a worldwide symbol of Italian winemaking, pinot grigio”. I know this because I read it here at

What do I think of it? I’m making life difficult for myself with a mini- Scientific Experiment.

I was in Asda a couple of days ago and spotted a cava, also for a fiver. I love cava and think it’s massively overlooked by fizz lovers.

I bought Marques Del Norte Cava  (11.5% abv) and challenged myself to a fizz-off with these two wines.  I’ve given points out of 5 on bubble strength, aromas, the taste and overall impression. Yes. I’m sitting on the settee doing this right now on my own. Call me sad.


Well it has bubbles – 2 marks.
Apples, grapes, a hint of flowers but also something plasticky
– 2 marks
Mouth-watering acidity but fruit flavours disappear very quickly leaving a tinny aftertaste  –  1 mark

Overall impression – 2 marks

Marques Del Norte:

This cava enjoyed being poured – 3 marks
Cava is made in the same way as champagne which means there’s aromas of fresh apples, citrus, and newly-baked buttery bread – 3 marks
Apple, a touch of caramel (like the edges of a crispy apple pie); the juiciness retains some flavour after you’ve sipped – 3 marks

Overall impression – 3 marks

I’ll leave you to do the sums.
(Because I’ve never been very good at sums.)

Gluten free beer: I track some down for our unscientific taste test

Gluten free beer reviews

Sometimes a beer is what you need to hit the spot. But for some people hitting the spot with a beer is the last thing they need, as either through medical necessity or as a lifestyle choice, for them only a gluten free beer will do.

Ed, my daughter’s Other Half,  has now chosen to drink  GF beers so that inspired me to track some down. I then mustered a bunch of friends to taste test the beers.

gluten free beer
Pal Janet enjoys the Bellfield Bohemian Pilsner

Bellfield Brewery Lawless Village IPA (4.5% abv,,  £31.80 for 12) was the first pour for my pals.  Bellfield’s motto Born of Grief – Brewed with Love rings true as the owners are coeliac and to enjoy beer they created their own.  Our taste test buzz words included  “parma violets” “floral” “citrusly refreshing”.  My tasters also enjoyed Bellfield’s Pilsner which was a finalist at this year’s Scottish Beer Awards for Best Pilsner or Lager.

Bellfield Brewery gluten free Lawless Village IPA
Bellfield Brewery Lawless Village IPA

Green’s Discovery Amber (6% abv was developed by Green’s Beers as the first European GF beer in 2003 and now there’s eight styles of beer in the range. I enjoyed the Gold Dry Hopped Lager (4% abv, Ocado) with its citrus and malty vibe; and the Glorious Pilsener (4.5% abv, was a winner with my chums.

The woody and herb notes of Green’s India Pale Ale (5% abv, Ocado) was fab with a slice of mature cheddar. All of Green’s beers have an RRP of £2.17 for 330ml with some of the range available at Sainsbury.

Gluten free beer
Nicola, one of my guinea pigs, checking aromas

Elsewhere on the high street, Morrisons sells Brewdog Vagabond (4.5% abv £1.65, 330ml, or £6 for four) My guinea pigs said of this pale ale:  “caramel” “liquorice” “citrus” and “peach”.  Morrisons has another choice in Estrella Damm Daura Gluten Free Lager (5.4% abv, £5.96 for four 330ml  bottles).

Over at M&S you can find Gluten free Belgian Golden Ale (4.8% abv) and Gluten Free Belgium Premium Pilsner (4.8% abv –  both are £2 for 330ml).

Some Co-op stores sell the First Chop Brewing Arm Ava (3.5% abv,  £2.19, 500ml, or three for a fiver) It is a pale malt made with fruity Australian hops. First Chop gluten free beer is brewed in Manchester.

I often enjoy Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer (4% abv) as I watch the Saturday footie scores and bemoan the fact that my team has lost. And yes, its gluten free. You can buy four in a £6 deal at Tesco. I love its spicy lift of ginger with a mingle of citrus. (There’s a  Scottish Raspberry version too)

PS: Online,  I found which bills itself as having the largest selection of gluten free beer in the world.

Click here for some guidelines to a gluten free diet from

Also in my glass ….

While on the look-out for GF beers someone said ah! beer! and told me about Alhambra Reserva 1925 (6.4% abv, 330ml, £9.99 for six, at selected Majestic stores). It’s also here at The Drink Shop. This premium Spanish lager isn’t a GF tipple  – but I’m glad I found it. As my guinea pigs were to hand, I asked them what they thought. They said “amazing” “strong” “lip-curling” “woody” and “a serious drink”.  I caught aromas of citrus and orange. It was mighty fine.

First published in Raise a Glass, Trinity Mirror regionals September 2016

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