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Camper Vin is wine for campers and festival-goers. But what’s it like?

Camper Vin is one of those things you wish you’d thought of first.

I spend many a summer’s day in a wet field in a rain-battered caravan.  It’s no wonder then that Camper Vin – a box of wine new on our shelves – caught my eye.  

I’ve often laboured long and hard – gritting my teeth through the pain – of tasting wines and writing about them while rain needles play percussion on the caravan roof of our north Wales bolthole.

camper vin doggie
But mum it’s wet outside …

Camper Vin (13% abv, £13, Asda) is a box of wine marketed towards people who enjoy festivals, camping, caravans and  picnics. I like the word play and the box is designed with the image of a camper van. If you enjoy camping, caravanning, or getting wet at festivals, then what’s not to love.

Sadly I made a right performance of opening the thing – I’m one of those people who rips apart Christmas presents and puts together gadgets without reading the instructions first.

After  bit of a palaver (and this was probably just me being heavy-handed) I was all set up.  Now then –  about the wine.

Well it’s a box of  2016 chenin blanc produced by  Boutinot’s wine-making team in the Western Cape, South Africa. It’s a pale straw colour and the aromas are quite simple – apple and citrus – then to taste,  citrus zips along and is nicely refreshing. Not a mind-blower but good for a wet field.

The box (2.25 litres, the equivalent of three bottles of wine) is available in Asda from August 25  for about six weeks.

  • Pop your postcode into  this link to find out where you can buy Camper Vin near you.  Good luck!!

camper vin wine boutinot

Camper Vin: Some camping stats

  • According to the Caravan Club of GB, there are today around 130,000 camper vans and motorhomes on the UK roads (Caravan Club of GB).
  • A Visit England GB Tourism Survey says that 10.6 million camping and caravanning trips were enjoyed in England between January and September 2015.
  • There are over 1,000 UK-based festivals listed on this year.

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