Wine Diploma Diary: I’m not exactly what you’d call a domestic goddess but …

My wine diploma diary dusting

I’ve turned into a person who’s gone all tidy-uppie.

I’m not very domesticated. It’s a rare thing to catch me with a duster in my hand.

Let me put this into context. Years ago I was the victim of a burglary and I duly gave the list of missing goods to the police.  It was a month before I noticed the thieves had also stolen the Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Another time, at work, I noticed through the newsroom window that it was raining. I said to my work pal Steve “oooh look, it’s raining and I’ve left the washing outside”. He said: “Jane, that’s the most feminine thing I’ve ever heard you say.” I said: “Yes, well. But its been outside a week.”

As I said. I’m not very domesticated.  Dairy cattle are more domesticated than me.

I’ve gone all tidy-uppie partly because its a New Year New Start and all that – but mainly because I want a tidy place and a tidy mind.

I sat on the bed on Sunday and rifled through all the bedside drawers, throwing stuff away, rediscovering forgotten things, finding little memories. A lock of my hair from when I was baby which mum had saved all her life; a Wembley FA Cup final ticket stub from 1947 (dad was there to see Burnley FC  lose in the 114th minute).  Keepsakes from special peoples’ lives all tangled up in a bedside drawer.

Now the precious things are breathing again and the rubbish is in the bin.

I feel better for it. Uncluttered. I suppose its fung suede or however you spell it.

The reason for this sudden domestic diversion? I’m a bit nervous to be honest. I’m due to start my online wine diploma through the  Wine & Spirit Education Trust on February 18. I need to be organised. I need to have a clean desktop, albeit a virtual one. I need to be good at juggling stuff even though as a kid I was always pretty rubbish at playing catch.

I’ve bought diary refills for the Filofax, rediscovered in the drawer and last used in 2009. No matter how easy it is to make notes in the ether, I like writing things down.

I’ve thrown away loads of pens. Pens with no ink tend to be a bit useless at writing things down.  I’ve put all my old WSET wine books in a pile. I need to re-read them before February 18. I can now set myself reading goals in the new diary pages in the Filofax using a pen which has ink in it.

I’m doing the tidy-uppie thing so I can do the keepie-uppie thing with the diploma. I want everything where it should be from the beginning of this impending two-year spare-time odyssey. Yes, I’ll be juggling time and work, let alone space, but it will be organised juggling.

Just don’t ask me to dust.

*I’ll be writing this Wine Diploma Diary as the two years unfold.


What links my new wine diploma diary and one of the cheesiest songs ever?

WSET wine my diploma diary

I’ve finally signed up to study the Wine Spirit and Education Trust diploma after years of indecision. It’s taken me a while to take the plunge for lots of reasons, not least money and time.

But the urge to learn more about wine and spirits was ultimately just too strong so I’ve opted for the online course; it’s cheaper and I can weave it around the other things I do in my spare-time life. Which to be honest, are mainly to do with wine and spirits.

I know, I thought, on the journey I’ll write some regular posts under the category My Diploma Diary.

But now I have an earworm. I can’t shake it!!!

Because if you stick an ooo on the beginning of My Diploma Diary it musically scans to the tune of Una Paloma Blanca.

I reckon at some stage in the next few months I’ll be back here for light relief if the coursework gets me down.

Click play on the link below – wiggle your head from side to side. Your foot will tap, you know it will. Are you brave enough?

All together then … *sing*
oooo, my diploma diary

*stop singing*