Christmas tree dog 2016

The Christmas tree tests the patience of everyone, even the dog

We’ve had a bit of a Christmas tree nightmare truth be told. Yesterday we  began the day nursing a mild hangover, so off we tootled for a nice cuppa and a bacon buttie at a nearby café.

I’ve been nagging abut a tree for ages – I love my real Christmas trees. But The Other Half isn’t too keen, so after the said cuppa and buttie, I was despatched to buy a tree. On My Own.

It’s a shame you can’t take your furniture and the corner of the room with you when you go and buy a real Christmas tree. It looked fine outside the chap’s shop. Just the right size. It looked perfectly upright too,  just outside the chap’s shop.  Not lopsided in the least. And it was a perfect fit in the Christmas tree holder just outside the chap’s shop. Who would have guessed it wouldn’t be a perfect fit in ours.

Christmas tree 2016

Anyway, six hours later, with a little bit of help from an electric saw, we had a tree up in the corner of the room.  The dog emerged as if to say are we safe now mum? I was being shouted at every few minutes as there was a trail of needles on each and every carpet. Don’t let them stick in the dog’s paws!! Yes, thanks dad!! Mind my paws mum!!

Most of those six hours were spent by The Other Half sprawled on the floor untangling two sets of fairy lights which had played multiple games of Twister while locked  in the cellar for a year.

While he untangled the lights (for three hours #true) I decided to change the look of this blog. I’m still having trouble with widgets, menus, disappearing pictures and headlines that retrospectively now look odd. But hey, after #treegate  widgets, menus, pictures and headlines are a breeze.

If you’ve never been here before, then obviously you won’t notice the difference. If you have, I hope you like it.

At least the Moo is now happy after all the chaos, as you can see.




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