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A festive gin cocktail with Brussels sprouts. Yes, you read that right.

Here’s a festive gin cocktail with brussels sprouts.  Some strange drinks recipes drop into my email box and I ignore many of them.

But as this is a) gin and I like gin and b) it includes sprouts and I’m in the minority of the population who likes sprouts and c) prosecco – is in there too, then I thought well why not share the Christmas love.

Over to you if you think you’re brave enough (or crazy enough) to make this and serve it to your besties ….

Sprouting Gordon’s Gin Fizz

To make enough for two you need:

50ml Gordon’s gin
Two tablespoons of lemon juice
One tablespoon of lime juice
200ml cranberry juice
100ml honey
100ml Prosecco
About eight par-boiled Brussels sprouts
An additional drizzle of honey

Step One
Fry the par-boiled sprouts with the drizzle of honey until caramelised. Take out of the pan.
Step Two
Pour the cranberry juice and honey into the same pan, boil and cool. This is now the cranberry syrup.
Step Three
While your syrup cools, thread your sprouts onto a bamboo skewer. Slice them in half if you want.
Step Four
Pour ice into two tall glasses, divide the Gordon’s gin, lemon juice, lime juice, the cranberry syrup between the two, and stir.
Step Five
Top with Prosecco and garnish with the spike of sprouts

festive gin cocktail Sprouting Gordons Gin Fizz #festivedrinks Smith & Sinclair
Sprouting Gordons Gin Fizz

This festive gin cocktail is one of a handful of recipes by Smith & Sinclair who’ve created some seasonal #FestiveSpirits by working with brands such as  Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker Red Label, Gordon’s and Captain Morgan.

Here’s a flavour of them:  Johnnie Walker Wrapped In Blanket – the cocktail is garnished with a bacon blanket; The Captain’s Mince Pie Freakshake – erm yes, a cocktail using Captain Morgan Original Spiced, with mince pie syrup, and you drink through a straw stabbed into a mince pie; and Smirnoff Bloody Mary with all the Trimmings which uses dry packet stuffing mix as a garnish.

Select bars and restaurants in the UK will be serving the Cocktails of Christmas including London’s M Restaurant, Ben’s Canteen, BIRD and Cardiff-based restaurant ETC.

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