10 thoughts on “Grapevine Merlot Aldi wine reviews”

  1. Surprisingly good. I bought a bottle to put in to a dish that I was cooking and poured myself a glass first. I thought for a minute that I had picked up the wrong bottle. It has all the classic characteristics you would look for in a Merlot. Plummy, juicy and very smooth. Unbeatable value at £3.69 per bottle.

    1. I think I need to revisit this wine! It is some time since I tried it and so many people are reading this piece and saying how good it is! Thanks for your comments – Jane

  2. For the price I can’t believe how good this wine is. Normally buy when out of Toro Loco, but I love the earthiness and fruitless of this plonk which while not having any claims to sophistication, is an honest and down to earth and decent wine. Those who pass it by, seeking sophistication, are missing out on what country wines are all about.

  3. An excellent wine, great value and my wife’s favourite tipple but it has disappeared from the shelves of our local Aldi stores in the East Midlands. If anyone can confirm where it is still available I will be very grateful.

  4. I cannot understand why I can’t get a Merlot as smooth and without the after effects that the Grapevine delivers.Also the price is amazing, although we pay more in Wales, it is well worth it..Please keep it in our shelves.

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