Halloween wine ideas for wine lovers who hate Halloween

When I was a kid Halloween was about a bowl, an apple and water. Dunking apples was the height of Halloween fun and lasted all of ten minutes before we gave up and went round the corner to play hopskotch with wet hair and apple stuck in our teeth.

I think I’m the Halloween equivalent of the Grinch.  I’m the Flinch. I recoil from the whole gubbubbins.

The other day I went into Hobby Craft for a mooch and came out two minutes later feeling less of a human being because I don’t like sticking things together with glue to make them look pretty.

I open things and drink things, that’s as far as I get in the hobby and craft stakes. Wine is my bag so when it comes to Halloween wine ideas and carving pumpkins I’m leaving it to other people.

My lovely chums at work are holding a pumpkin carving competition tomorrow; I’ve shivered and turned into the aforesaid Flinch. So these, my friends are a handful of Halloween wine ideas for wine lovers who hate Halloween.

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Somebody somewhere has been very creative indeed. Head to Pinterest here if you want to find out where these pictures came from.

Or just head to the fridge and open some wine.

Remember.  When they knock, don’t open the door!!

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