Premier Estates Italian Prosecco Extra Dry

In my glass: Premier Estates’ Italian Prosecco Extra Dry

Prosecco can always be relied on to save the day. Here’s the weekend and the footie scores haven’t gone exactly as I would have liked.

As I write, it’s ten minutes since I poured Premier Estates’  Italian Prosecco Extra Dry, ( 11.5% abv  RRP £7.99) and it is still perkily popping in the glass.

Premier Estates make a couple of styles of prosecco, a pink, Italian Grand Rosé,  and this frisky fizzbomb which won a Bronze medal at the International Wine Challenge in 2015.

Aromas? OK … let’s go. Well its prosecco.  It’s light, its feminine, it’s flirty and floral.  To taste,  a fresh clean bite of apple and lemon and a bubble of stone fruit too.

The Other Half really likes it, so that’s praise in itself.

I like it too, probably because its extra dry, with a little bit of creaminess,  so not as thin and sweet as some glasses of prosecco can reveal themselves to be.

You can buy a case of six (£47.94) on Premier Estate’s website; or browse around in various retailers.

Happy Saturday night.

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