Lambrini Hey Blueberry Taste Test

Lambrini taste test: Could I spot their new drink Hey Blueberry in a mystery line-up?

I’ve just taken a Lambrini Taste Test.  I was quite confdent as I was given a bottle of Lambrini when I left my job at Trinity Mirror. My Liverpool newsroom pals told me it was because I was an  “Honorary Scouse Bird”. I was flattered and chuckled. What could go wrong?

Errmm ..  

The other week I was in the wine aisle of a shop, just standing there, you know, looking, no intention of buying.  I’m the wine aisle equivalent of someone who sits in a Ford Fiesta on a Sunday afternoon eating ice cream, staring out to sea, pointing out occasional things of interest to nobody in particular.

A young lady walked past me several times, agitated, searching the shelves high and low. Perhaps she needed advice. As I steadied for the approach she exclaimed “oh, there!”,  picked up a bottle of Lambrini and scurried away.

I recounted this story when Lambrini invited me to taste test their latest drink, Hey Blueberry. No matter what you might think of Lambrini, this happily priced range of perry-based fruit drinks is a winner with many a girlie gathering.

Lambrini taste test notes

The Lambrini taste test: My challenge

I had to spot the new drink in a blind tasting of three drinks. If I’d put my brain in gear first,  done some homework and remembered that the name of the drink was Hey Blueberry (£3, 75cl, exclusive to Tesco) I might have fared better.  

All the drinks had a blueberry theme, but I didn’t spot blueberry in any of them – and I thought a blueberry-themed pink-coloured cider with lime was in fact the Lambrini. It was a bit of a #doh moment. I don’t know why you trust me (maybe you don’t).

I checked my notes when the Lambrini was revealed. I’d described it like this: aromas – sherbert, elderflower, drops of vanilla, citrus, bit of stone fruit;  flavours – lemonade, simple flavours, not long-lasting but refreshing. When I dipped in the glass again, after the event, then yes, I spotted the blueberry theme.  When you know what you’re looking for you can find it. 

Lambrini Hey Blueberry Taste Test glasses
Hey Blueberry is the glass in the middle

What did I think? Well as a simple refreshing light drink on a warm day it would be pretty nice, though I couldn’t drink more than a couple of glasses. I’d be happy to use it as the base of a sangria, tumbled into a jug with a bottle of cheerful rioja and lots  of fresh fruit and ice.

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