An Easter array of laptop, wine and books

This, my friends has pretty much been my Easter weekend.
My level 3 wset exam looms in just over three weeks.
I’m having a crisis of confidence. Poured a chianti to get over it: not exactly a geographically themed wine linked to the revision I’m just beginning.
Starting on North America – I said goodbye to the old world this morning. With a click of a pen, the turning of a page and the launch of a new PowerPoint presentation.
I’m in the New World without leaving my dining table or even needing a passport; where there’s consistency and simple wine laws
Lord only knows how I will remember the German wine laws, let alone spell them.
Oh Lordie – those French appellations.
I think I need a drink. Oh yes, I’m having one.
But no matter how many facts I have to remember – and write about – I don’t regret taking on the challenge of this course.
Fascinating, to be honest.
I just hope I can remember it all. Oh my.

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