Mother’s Day and my wine reputation goes before me

Mother's Day wine card

It’s Mother’s Day and every year I’m sad if I don’t see my lovely daughter Emma as she’s miles away in The Big Smoke.

That’s London. Also known as The Big Nicotine Patch since the government went all healthy on us.

But what a lovely card from her today – and she knows me so well. I wonder what gave her the idea.

My sister asked me on facebook  when I went brunette – I just wondered when I went all stylish.

I’m not lining up any wine to celebrate today – too much revision to do for the Level 3 wset wine course. But I’ll be having a sip of Domaine Gayda, Fugure Libre Cabernet Franc 2010 for my column next week – wines from  Pays d’Oc.

So Happy Mother’s Day to mums everywhere; and special thoughts are with mums, like mine, who aren’t with us any more.


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day and my wine reputation goes before me”

  1. A cabinet Franc from Pays D’Oc can usually be relied on. It is all that sun and soil that give the grapes the flavour. That is of course as long as you pay a sensible price for a wiine from an identified grower – don’t go for the 1.5euro a litre in the plastic bottles!

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