Wyfold English Sparkling Wine has more success than me at a testing time

I’m tapping away on t’internet as football is on the TV  in the corner of the room.

The good news is, Liverpool have just gone one down against Aston Villa. The bad news is, I should be revising for the wset level 3 wine exam but can’t summon up the enthusiasm.

My head has been in the Big Green Book (aka Wines and Spirits, Understanding Style and Quality)  for days  – nay, weeks – and the words are beginning to blur at the edges.

I feel guilty – exam in four weeks – but football, television and t’internet is the way it’s hanging today. Might even try the pub.Wyfold Vineyard Sparkling Wine 2009

Anyway, the reason I’m on here, while browsing, I was delighted to discover that  a wonderful  English sparkling wine I reviewed some weeks ago has triumphed in a competition against 78 other English sparkling wines and a couple of Champagnes.

The  Wyfold Vineyard Sparkling Wine 2009 is made by Barbara Laithwaite and her friend Cherry Thompson.  Harpers reported earlier this month that the wine won the Judgement of Parsons Green, which exists so that  English sparklers can be compared against those across the world in a blind-tasting.

I know I’m new to this wine-blogging, wine-reviewing world, but I’m pleased that in my own little way I also thought it was blooming good.

Oh – and while I’ve been tapping this,  Liverpool equalised and have now just taken the lead with a penalty. It’s a very interactive world, this t’internet thing.

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