Support your independent wine merchants if you can

It’s always nice to know that people read my wine columns. I know, because occasionally people get in touch with me.
Here is an email from Deiniol ap Dafydd, the managing director of
The note reads:
“Enjoyed your ‘Raise a Glass’ article again today, but had to smile that you were promoting Bruno Paillard through London and distant firms whilst we operate in the North Wales Daily Post area.
“We have offered the Champagne Bruno Paillard Brut Premier Cuvee as part of our 700 odd selection of wine for the last twenty years and our current price is £40.75, considerably cheaper than London.
“As part of a dozen mixed bottles it would cost £37.69!!  Beats £44.99 by £7.30 – enough to buy a cracking Ontanon Rioja Crianza here.
“Further than that we offer free delivery throughout Wales for delivery of any 12 wines – which beats the various ‘aites and ‘imes wine merchants & clubs.
“This happened a couple of weeks ago as well when the Saturday Telegraph promoted an M&S own label Gavi that was reduced from £9.99 to £7.25 – whilst our normal price is £7.15 and our case discount price is £6.61.”
Thanks for that Deiniol.
So people. Two lessons learned here.
Don’t always take my word as gospel – seek and ye shall find.  I rely on several sources for my wine prices. But they’re probably not the Be All and End All even though I try my hardest.
You’ve just got to love independent wine merchants. If there’s one near you  then go along and show your face.
People will talk to you. These guys have businesses to run, businesses they believe in.
It’s a totally different experience than buying wine in Rice Krispiesa  supermarket aisle, where you try to negotiate around trolleys full of Rice Krispies and Tetley Tea, whose  owners are stretching eager arms out for the pinks from Gallo et al.
Of course Indies may have wines you’ll be familiar with, but they’ll be selling wines that you won’t have seen before, very probably at great prices.
A quick glance at the site and I see they are selling Welsh wines. Here’s a link.
I’m very excited.

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