What is it and what does it taste like

Vouvray wine: What is it and what does it taste like

The Raise a Glass feature is published in several UK regional newspapers every week. Here’s a look at Vouvray wine: What is it and what does it taste like

There are some wines which are a treat for the senses.

Just read these aromas and flavour descriptions: 

Orange blossom, vanilla, sweet pea, dried citrus, wet wool,  lemon pith, butter, orange zest, prickly pear and stewed apples. 

And these: Apricot, lemon jelly, lime cordial, mandarin, nettles.

They’re all describing the many flavour profiles which one grape variety brings to the white wines of a Loire Valley wine region.

The grape is chenin blanc and the region is AOC Vouvray.

I joined a wine event exploring the many styles of Vouvray, and what a glorious few hours! 

I had to share my reflections with you.

Vouvray wine: What is it and what does it taste like

Only chenin blanc is used in the white wines of AOC Vouvray. 

The grape was known in the Loire Valley as early as the 13th century and was considered the noble grape variety of the vineyard. The kings of France loved Vouvray wines. 

It is at the heart of a wide range of wine styles from dry, to off-dry, medium, sweet and sparkling wines.  

Flavours can be green fruit (apple) and citrus (lemon), stone fruit (peach) and tropical fruit (pineapple). 

That’s not all. 

With age, the dry wines can develop intense, smoky or honeyed notes.

Chenin grapes are susceptible to Noble Rot on the vine. Grapes affected by this rot lose water through tiny pinholes in the skin, concentrating the sugars and the flavours.

These Noble Rot grapes create luscious honeyed wines, including quince and sweet spice flavours.

Chenin blanc has a natural high acidity which makes it ideal for sparkling wines.

Vouvray sparkling wine is made in the traditional way which is the same as champagne.

The wines then age for at least 12 months on the lees in underground cellars. 

Here’s some Vouvray wines which have teased my senses: 

Discover more about Vouvray wines at the region’s website, vinsdevouvray.com 

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