Tesco Finest Rosé Champagne review

Wine Press: Pink fizz to share on Valentine’s Day

VALENTINE’S. It’s the time of year when the card shops  make a killing, florists’  fingers flurry, men panic and wine shelves empty  quicker than Old Trafford  in the 80th minute.

What better reason  to taste  some sparklie glasses of  pink fizz.

Champagne Jacquart, Brut Mosaïque Rosé NV  (£30, online at  greatwesternwine.co.uk and you’ll see  it in several other  stores) is a soft  salmon pink in  colour. It has  aromas of  doughnuts and  icing sugar.

That probably  doesn’t sound as  classy as it should.  But imagine the lovely  sweet, warm, bakes, with  soft icing sugar clinging  on top and the rising  scent of a dab of  strawberry. That’s what I  mean. To taste, lovely  fresh strawberries folded  in with some peaches and  a touch of acidity.

Tesco Finest Rose Champagne review
Tesco Finest Rose Champagne

Tesco Finest Rosé Champagne (£19.99, reduced from £23.99 until February 25) is an elegant little glass of fizz. It has won bronze at the International Wine Challenge and I’d be very happy if it was my Valentine’s Day treat.

It is more unassuming on the nose than the  Jacquart. There’s  redcurrants and a wisp  of citrus, which also flirts in the mouth with a good crisp long-lasting  aftertaste. A sparkler to  savour and relish.

I tried ever so hard to  enjoy Blossom Hill Italian Sparkling Zinfandel Rosé (I  bought in Tesco for  £6.99, reduced from  £8.99 until February 14.  It is widely available  elsewhere). It has a  heart-shaped label so  it should be a shoo-in  for romance.

It has very sweet  strawberries on the  nose; a hit of jam,  or one of those very  sweet cake fancies.  The two elements  which should balance  – fruit and acidity  – didn’t tie together. It had syrupy sweetness.

 Sorry if you like the wine; it’s just not for me.

On the upside, for a  fiver at Asda you can pick  up an award-winning  cava, Berberana Gran  Tradicion Rose Brut, NV,  and it’s pretty nice too. It  won a silver at last year’s  International Wine  Challenge.

Cava shouldn’t be  overlooked by  sparklie-seekers. It has far more complexity than a simple fizz-driven prosecco which is made by fermenting just one grape inside a steel tank.

This hums with smoky,  herby, red fruits and  cherries. It has a decent  cherry-laden fizz which  sadly disappears too   quickly, but hey, so does  the wine.

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