31 days of riesling - Jakob Schneider, Grauschiefer Riesling

31 Days of Riesling: Three German wines to celebrate

The Raise a Glass feature is published in several UK regional newspapers …  I tried three German riesling wines to mark the Wines of Germany UK annual summer promotion, 31 Days of Riesling.

This month the annual celebration of German riesling – 31 Days of Riesling –  is upon us.

I love the wines; their zip, their zest, their vitality and pazzazz.

German wines are so very elegant; and they deserve more love in this country.

As an example: My friend and I road-tested one of the wines in this missive, and shared a   Facebook post.

A comment came back: “I may have to revisit my opinion of German wines based on exposure to liebfraumilch – served annually at Christmas dinner when I was a kid.” 

Many people probably think the same.

Memories of warm, uninspiring German wine – liebfraumilch in particular –  probably deter people buying the country’s many vinous delights.

But please give German wines a chance

Wine of Germany’s annual 31 Days of Riesling campaign is now in its 11th year.

Here’s a trio of 31 Days of Riesling treats:
Definition Mosel Riesling, Loosen Bros.
( £11.99, or £7.99 in a buy six deal, at Majestic)

This is from the Mosel region, where the best grapes grow on steep riverside slopes.

They’re helped to ripen by the sun’s warmth reflected up from the Mosel River.

The wine has rivers of lemon and lime, is crisp and slightly off-dry.

Kendermanns Riesling Special Edition
(RRP £7.49, Waitrose, with an online offer of £5.99, up to August 9)

The riesling grapes grow in the Pfalz, Germany’s second largest grape growing region, and one of the sunniest.

It’s a pleasantly crafted riesling, fresh with citrus and white peach.

Jakob Schneider, Grauschiefer Riesling
(£15.45, online at The Wine Barn)

Ah, the class act which I loved with my friend (and pictured at the top of the post).

It is from the Nahe region, and top wine experts have declared it one of Germany’s Winning Wines 2022.

I’m not surprised. 

It speaks of red apples, apricots and lemons.

And do you remember Opal Fruits?  It’s a lip-smacking lime one.

The wine is as racy as a Formula One car – flashy, sparky and dynamic.  It really is superb.

Follow Wines of Germany online, or seek out the hashtag #31daysofriesling. 

First published in UK regional newspapers:  See “About ” me

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