Amaretto Sour at Timberwolf Grind & Tap

Amaretto sour, a birthday, and a Summerful Gin

The Raise a Glass feature is published in several UK regional newspapers … this is the one in celebration  of Amaretto Sour,  inspired by a birthday. Oh, and I include a gin for good measure


I went for a meal with my friend for her birthday and we doubled up on the onion rings as a side.  

Did you know, said the lovely waitress, that the burgers also come with onion rings?

That’ll be fine, we said. You can never have enough onion rings.

It was a lie, as indeed you can have enough onion rings. 

Our Onion Ring Challenge (failed) needed a post-meal digestif.

And then, you know, you can never have enough Amaretto Sours.

What a night, two of my favourte things. 


The next day I remembered I could have another Amaretto treat, thanks to Adriatico Amaretto Roasted (RRP £28.99, Amazon, Harvey NicholsMaster of Malt, and others).

I’m told  Adriatico roasts the Italian almonds before they are macerated and distilled. The final amaretto is blended with cinnamon, cocoa and coffee and a pinch of Adriatic sea salt is added.

I love it.

Adriatico Amaretto Roasted
Adriatico Amaretto Roasted
To make an Amaretto Sour …

… the team from Adriatico suggests this: Shake 50ml of Adriatico Roasted Amaretto, 50ml fresh lemon juice, 50ml fresh orange juice and one egg white. Then add ice and shake again. Strain into a chilled glass and garnish with lemon zest.

I have an ex who hated almonds, which always meant more amaretto for me. 

I’m on the look-out for someone who hates juniper, so I can have more gin.

When the weather was decidedly warm (did you notice?) a couple of gins kept me refreshed and chilled, including this one. 

The aptly named Martin Miller’s Summerful Gin (widely available, including £26.89 at Amazon) has extra rosemary and thyme in the distillation. 

 Martin Miller’s Summerful Gin
Martin Miller’s Summerful Gin Martini
A simple super-fresh Martini?

Well, yes please.  Martin Miller’s Gin teamed up with consultant bartender Danil Nevsky, and this is his take.

Pour 50ml of Martin Miller’s Summerful Gin and 15ml Fino Sherry over  ice into a mixing glass. Stir well, until chilled and integrated, then strain into a cocktail glass. Add a sprig of rosemary.  

First published in UK regional newspapers:  See “About ” me

PS: My onion rings were from Chicago American Bar & Grill:  and the Amaretto Sour, from Timberwolf Grind & Tap

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