Bonterra Organic Cabernet Sauvignon and when I forgot Organic September

The Raise a Glass feature is published every week in several regional newspapers … here’s one when I forgot about Organic September but I still enjoyed a juicy glass of Bonterra Organic Cabernet Sauvignon

My dad used to say “I didn’t forget, I just didn’t remember”.

Which has been a useful phrase for me too, to get out of sticky patches especially if loved ones’  birthdays pass me by.

“I didn’t forget – I just didn’t remember it was that particular day”, I might say.

In this space  I’m now having to say it to you.

I thought it was still September as I prepared to tip-tap this keyboard.

Because I didn’t forget September was Organic September; I just didn’t remember to tell you about it.


Luckily organic wines don’t make an appearance in September and disappear when the midnight clock heralds October. 

Which is just as well,  as I can still share this wine with you:  Bonterra Organic Cabernet Sauvignon (RRP £12, Tesco). 

Winemaking Director Jeff Cichocki has crafted a wine using organic and sustainable vineyard methods.

Sheep and chickens roam the vineyards in Mendocino county in California.

They help to keep pests at bay, which means chemical pesticides can be avoided 

This ruby red wine has ripe aromas of forest fruits – blackberries and plums – and a shiver of spice.

It has been aged for 12 months in oak which not only adds vanilla and tobacco, but also helps to soften the tannins.

I’ll stay in Tesco briefly with Ascheri Barolo DOCG (£23) which is one of the new wines in the retailer’s autumn winter range. 

My daughter came to stay and we both fancied an elegant wine, but nothing that would make our palates tire and work overtime.

Barolo is made from one of Italy’s princely grape varieties, nebbiolo.

They’re wines with staying power.

The tannins were integrated and the wine spoke of ripe cherry fruits and raspberries.

We couldn’t wait to sip it, but to be fair, it should be much nicer in about five years when it develops and grows into itself. 

Finally, a hop over to Portugal for Adnams Douro Red (£9.99, online at  

Last night, sausage, mash and gravy was on our plates; and this drinkable red was in our glasses.

Fruits in an autumn hedgerow filled the glass and flecks of pepper teased and tickled. 

It was perfect with our accompaniment of HP sauce.

We’re nothing if not classy in this household. 

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