Study WSET Level 3 Award in Wines in Liverpool over six days

The WSET Level 3 Award in Wines is an advanced level qualification for professionals working in the wine industry and for wine enthusiasts.

This course takes place in a Liverpool city centre venue, studying 15 modules over six days. The exam is in two units: A blind-tasting of two wines and a theory unit.

The WSET Level 2 Award in Wines qualification is an entry requirement.

Payment can be over three instalments at checkout subject to eligibility.


The Drinks Trust Develop scheme
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  • What is it: The WSET Level 3 Award in Wines is an advanced level qualification for professionals working in the wine industry and for wine enthusiasts.
  • What will you study: The Level 3 course is split into two units.
    Unit 1: – The key factors in the production of wine including location, grape growing, winemaking, maturation and bottling – and how they influence the principal still wines – sparkling wines – and fortified wines of the world. There are 15 sessions across the six days (see below).
    Unit 2: – How to taste wines, describe their characteristics and evaluate their quality, using the WSET Level 3 Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine® (SAT)
  • The study time: There will be 30 hours’ classroom time across six days with One Foot in the Grapes PLUS an expected additional 54 hours’ in private study. 
  • Wines: There will be around 70 wine tasting samples across the six days. 
  • Exam: The 2½-hour exam will take place on the afternoon of the sixth day. It will be in two units to cover theory and wine-tasting knowledge.  Full details are on Page 24 of the course specification.
  • The study fee: This classroom course is £800 with One Foot in the Grapes. WSET fees rise every year from August. Exam resit fees are not included.
  • How to book: Select a date within the shopping basket. There will be an option to pay in three instalments (if eligible).
  • To complete the booking:  One Foot in the Grapes will request a form of photo ID.
  • Study guide: We will send you a study pack including the text book Understanding Wines: Explaining style and quality, the Level 3 SAT, and a workbook 
  • Important: You must hold the WSET Level 2 Award in Wines.

WSET Level 3 Wines Specification

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WSET Level 1 Award In Wines - Online Zoom
WSET Level 3 award in wines

The exam consists of two units:

Unit 1 is a closed-book exam of 50 multiple-choice questions and a short-written answer paper.
Unit 2 is assessed by a blind tasting of two wines. 
The exam must be taken in-person.

The 15 classroom sessions in the WSET Level 3 Award in Wines

Session 1:  –  Course induction and tasting technique

Session 2:  – The natural factors and human influences in the vineyard 

Session 3:  – The human factors in the winery that influence style, quality and price

Session 4:  – The white wines of Germany, Alsace, Austria and the Tokaj region of Hungary

Session 5:  – The white wines of Burgundy, the Loire Valley and Bordeaux

Session 6:  – Red and rosé wines of Bordeaux, South West France and the Loire Valley.

Session 7:  – Red wines of Burgundy and the red and white wines of the Northern Rhône Valley

Session 8:  –  Red, white and rosé wines of the Southern Rhône Valley, Southern France; Red wines of Spain (part 1) and white wines of Spain and Portugal

Session 9:  – Red wines of northern Spain and red and white wines of northern Italy

Session 10:  – Red and white wines of central and southern Italy, the red wines of Portugal, and the red and white wines of Greece

Session 11:  Premium red wines of New Zealand, USA and Australia

Session 12:  – Premium white wines of New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, USA and Canada

Session 13:  – Regional specialities of Australia, South Africa and the USA. Premium red and white wines of Argentina and Chile.

Session 14:  –  Sparkling wines

Session 15:  –  Fortified wines  

Level 1 Award in Wines

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Level 2 Award in Wines

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Course start dates

Six days: July 22, 23, July 29, 30, Aug 5, 6 all Mon, Tues