WSET Level 1 Award in Wines – Online Self-Study

This course fits in to your busy lifestyle.

Discover the world of wine in this WSET Level 1 wines’ option by studying online at your own pace, and when you choose.

You’ll follow five modules over four weeks, and will spend at least six hours in total on the course.

The exam is online (there are more details below).  Please read the terms and conditions before booking.


The Drinks Trust Develop scheme

One Foot in the Grapes has partnered with the Drinks Trust charity to make our courses available within the trust’s Develop bursary scheme.

Study the WSET Level 1 Award in Wines in the Global Classroom

  • What is it: Join other students in the online WSET global classroom, to study the WSET Level 1 Award in Wines.
  • What will you do: You will log on when you want to, at a pace and a time to suit you. The Level 1 Global course consists of four weeks of self-study. You’ll have access to the course material for a year.
  • How does it work: You’ll be guided by an online tutor. Each of the five modules (see below) is designed to be interactive, so expect to post in forums, watch videos, complete quizzes and reflect on tasks.
  • The study time: The study should take about six hours in total to complete across the four weeks, plus any revision time. 
  • Wines: You should taste a minimum of six wines, as outlined within the course modules. You will need to buy these. 
  • Study guide:  All the study material you need is within the online course.
  • Exam date: One Foot in the Grapes will agree the online exam date with you as soon as you book. 
  • The study fee: This course in the Global Classroom is £165 via One Foot in the Grapes, to the end of July 2024. Fees rise to £168 in August 2024. Resit fees not included.
  • How to book: Select a date within the shopping basket. There will be an option to pay in three instalments (if eligible).
  • To complete the booking:  One Foot in the Grapes will request a form of photo ID.
  • Entry requirements: You don’t need any   qualifications to study this Level 1 course. 

WSET Level 1 Wines Specification

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WSET Level 1 Award In Wines - Online Zoom
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How do you pass?
In this Level 1 global course you sit a 45-minute online exam of 30 multiple-choice questions. You need 70% or more to pass. Paper exams are only available in Liverpool.

The five modules of the Global online WSET Level 1 Award in Wines

Module 1: 

What is wine and how is it  made?:  Learn – the main parts of a grape and what they contain – key stages in the annual cycle of grape growing –  name and define different  climates and  how they can affect the characteristics of grapes – list the requirements for and the products of alcoholic fermentation – know and order the key stages in the production of still white, red and rosé wines.

Module 2: 

Types and styles of wine: Learn –  the three types of wines: still wines, sparkling wines, fortified wines – the characteristics that contribute to different wine styles – to taste and describe wines using the WSET’s Systematic Approach to Tasting

Module 3:

Grape varieties and wines: Learn –  the principal grape varieties and identify the characteristics and styles of their wines – examples of wines from the principal grape varieties and recall the types  characteristics and styles of these wines – identify other examples of wines and recall the types, characteristics and styles of these wines


Module 4:

Storage and service of wines:  Identify and define the ideal conditions for storing and preserving wine. State the recommended service temperature description for the principal types and styles of wine.  State the correct procedures for opening and serving wine. Identify the principal food and wine interactions and recognise the effect they typically have on a wine.

Module 5:

Revision: Mock multiple-choice feedback examination which can be attempted as many times as the student likes.

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4-week course start dates

Mon June 24 2024, Mon July 8 2024, Mon July 22 2024, Mon Aug 5 2024, Mon Aug 19 2024, Mon Sept 2 2024, Mon Sept 16 2024, Mon Sept 30 2024, Mon Oct 14 2024, Mon Oct 28 2024, Mon Nov 11 2024, Mon Nov 25 2024, Mon Dec 9 2024, Mon Jan 6 2025, Mon Jan 20 2025, Mon Feb 3 2025, Mon Feb 17 2025, Mon March 3 2025, Mon March 17 2025, Mon March 31 2025, Mon April 14 2025, Mon April 28 2025, Mon May 12 20245, Mon May 26 2025, Mon June 9 2025, Mon June 23 2025, Mon July 7 2025, Mon July 21 2025